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City Committees

Facilities & Equipment Committee

Purpose:  Oversee buildings and equipment

Responsibilities:  Evaluate the existing structures and equipment of the city.  Establish a priority list for construction, improvements and replacements.  Make recommendations to the Council for major improvements, replacements or the discontinuance of buildings and equipment in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.

Meetings:  Quarterly at a minimum and as necessary.

Composition of the committee:  Two Council persons, City Clerk, and the Maintenance. Tony Donahue, Joe Abeyta, Lisa Mrnak, and Bill Hildreth.

Delegate Appointments

Emergency Management Dir -- Dave Gibeau
Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission – Joe Abeyta
Greenway Joint Recreation Association -- Barb Gibeau
Street Inspector -- SEH, Bill Hildreth
Water & Sewer Inspector -- City of Grand Rapids
Weed Inspector -- Bill Hildreth
Itasca County Trails Task Force – Joe Abeyta
Iron Range Economic Association (IREA) – Mike Nelson
Building Official -- Larry Curtiss
Zoning Administrator -- Larry Curtiss
Blandin Collaboration Group – Jonathan Bolen
Get Fit Itasca – Jonathan Bolen
Itasca County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan – Joe Abeyta
Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board – Joe Abeyta
Range Assoc. of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS) – Joe Abeyta