CENSUS: from Britta Arendt via Herald Review, VERBATIM: “There is just one week left for residents of Itasca County to self-respond to the 2020 Census and be counted for representation in regional, state and national decision-making. As of this week, just 55% of Itasca County residents have responded. Ten years ago, the final county self-response rate was 57.9% of households. This contributed to the state nearly losing the Eighth Congressional District to another state because of low response to the 2010 Census. In fact, the state kept it by just 8,000 people… Each year, the state gets about $15 billion in federal money to pay for things like schools, transportation and healthcare. If it loses a seat, not only could it lose some federal funding, but would have one less voice on the national stage if Minnesota ends up with seven districts… The self-response deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 30.” READ: https://fluence-media.co/35Wlibw