Committees 2018

Facilities & Equipment

Purpose: Oversee buildings and equipment

Responsibilities: Evaluate the existing structures and equipment of the city. Establish a priority list for construction, improvements and replacements. Make recommendations to the Council for major improvements, replacements or the discontinuance of buildings and equipment in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.

Meetings: Quarterly at a minimum and as necessary.

Composition of the committeeTwo Council persons, City Clerk, and the Maintenance worker. Chair Victor Moen, Tony Donahue, Jean Panchyshyn, and Bill Hildreth.


GreenStep Committee

Purpose: Monitor compliance with the goals of the GreenStep Cities Program.

Responsibilities: Review current and future projects, initiate and discuss ideas that will encourage the City and residents to follow the model of a GreenStep City. Make recommendations to the City Council.  Coordinate communication with the Zoning Committee, the City of Grand Rapids, and PUC. Update the GreenStep website and document plans and “best practices”.

Meetings: Quarterly.

Composition of the Committee: Victor Moen, Katie Nelson, and Tim O’Brien.

Park and Recreation Committee

Purpose: Oversee park grounds and recreation programs/activities.

Responsibilities: In conjunction with the Clerk, grant access to facilities, coordinate events and post information on programs and events on the City website. Evaluate current facilities, events, and trails. Develop a priority list for the improvement of facilities, trails, additional event programming or the discontinuance of trails, events or facilities and make the consequent recommendations to Council.  Coordinate winter and summer community events, establish the ice rink schedule, determine needs for rink attendants and make recommendations to the Personnel Committee on the qualifications of rink attendants and other recreation personnel as needed.

Meetings: Quarterly and as necessary.

Composition of the Committee:  Two Council persons and 3 city residents. Chair Tony

Donahue, Mike Nelson, Sara Bolen, Shawn Conrad, and Scott Olson.

Personnel Committee

Purpose: Oversee employee positions.

Responsibilities: Write and update employee position descriptions for Council approval.  In the case of a vacancy, review application lists and develop criteria for determining qualifications. Interview candidates and makes a recommendation to the Council for employment. Conduct annual performance evaluations and make recommendations for pay increases to the council. Investigate employee misconduct, report and make recommendations to the Council on disciplinary issues. Establish and approve employee training.  Study future employment needs and establish a priority list for future positions.  Respond to employee questions and act as a conduit for Council concerns.

Meetings: Quarterly and as necessary.

Composition of the Committee: Mayor and one Council person. Vic Moen and Margie Ritter.

Planning and Zoning Committee

Purpose: The Zoning Committee purpose and responsibilities are delineated in the Zoning


Meetings: Monthly and as needed.

Composition of the Committee: Two Council persons, City Clerk, and 3 city residents.  Chair Margie Ritter, Tony Donahue, Jean Panchyshyn, Matt Anthony, Dave Wittman, and Steve Svatos.

Technology Committee

Purpose: Oversees all technology issues.

Responsibilities: In conjunction with the Clerk, update and improve the website. Study and evaluate current technology, develop a priority list for technology improvements and make recommendations to the council.

Meetings: Quarterly and as necessary.

Composition of the Committee:  One Council person and City Clerk. Joe Abeyta and Jean


Utility Committee

Purpose: Oversee all City utilities.

Responsibilities: Regularly review and monitor the delivery of all City utilities.  Establish rate schedules and make a recommendation to council relative to the implementation of the rate system. Study methods of utility delivery and bill payments, evaluate the costs and effectiveness of the utility billing system and make consequent recommendations to council. Review expenses and income for street lights and make any necessary recommendations to council. Develop plays for sewer improvements.

Meetings: Semi-annually and as necessary.

Composition of the Committee: Two Council persons, City Clerk, City Accountant, and City Engineer. Margie Ritter, Mike Nelson, Jean Panchyshyn, and SEH representative (Bob Beaver and/or Jayson Newman).

Economic Development

Purpose: Promote the growth of the LaPrairie economy through efforts focused on business recruitment and attraction and business retention and expansion.

Meetings: To be determined

Composition of the Committee: Chair Mike Nelson, Vic Moen, business owners, and residents.

Delegate Appointments

Emergency Management Dir -- Dave Gibeau

Grand Rapids Area Cable Commission -- Margie Ritter Greenway Joint Recreation Association -- Barb Gibeau Street Inspector -- SEH, Bill Hildreth

Water & Sewer Inspector -- City of Grand Rapids

Weed Inspector -- Bill Hildreth

Itasca County Trails Task Force – Joe Abeyta

IREA – Mike Nelson

Building Official -- Travis Cole  Nathan Morlan (8/21/18 – Travis Cole no longer works there)

Zoning Administrator -- Tim OBrien

Blandin Collaboration Group – Victor Moen (Jean Panchyshyn, Back-up) Get Fit Itasca – Victor Moen

Itasca County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan -- Victor Moen, SEH

Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board – Joe Abeyta; (Victor Moen, Back-up) Range Assoc. of Municipalities & Schools (RAMS) -- Tony Donahue