City of LaPrairie Openings

Zoning Administrator – The City is seeking an Independent Contractor to serve as Zoning Administrator.  Duties include, but not be limited to:  review/approve permits per zoning requirements, discuss permit requirements with contractors, follow up on nuisance violations, inspect rental units on a biennial basis, and attend monthly Planning and Zoning Committee meetings.  Experience as a general contractor is recommended.  Hours vary.  To apply, send a cover letter and resume to LaPrairie City Hall, 15 Park Drive, LaPrairie, MN 55744 or email

The City of LaPrairie is seeking interested residents to serve on a variety of committees in 2019. To apply, send a brief letter stating which committee you are interested in serving on.  A resume may be included but is not required.  For questions on any of the following, please contact Jean at City Hall, 218-326-8898 or email

Planning and Zoning Committee – The Planning and Zoning Committee’s purpose and responsibilities are delineated in the Zoning Ordinance. The committee meets monthly, the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM.  The Planning and Zoning Committee reviews the Zoning Ordinance and conducts public hearings as directed by the City Council and by Ordinance. Committee members are paid $25 per meeting. The Committee is composed of one city council member, four city residents, and the city clerk.

Park and Rec Committee – The Park and Rec Committee is a volunteer committee that oversees the park grounds and recreation programs/activities.  The committee meets quarterly and as necessary.  It is composed of one city council member and three city residents.

GreenStep Committee – The Green Step Committee is a volunteer committee established to monitor compliance with the goals of the GreenStep Cities Program, following the model of a GreenStep City. The committee makes recommendations to the City Council. It documents plans and best practices. The committee meets quarterly and is composed of one city council member and two city residents.

Thank you for considering this service to your community. You are sure to find it to be a rewarding experience!